Lucid HR is building tools to help mitigate bias and discrimination. We know systemic racism is real and we’re embedding equity and inclusion in everything we do, from leadership to decision-making. We’re seed funded and ready to grow.

the lucid hr approach

Diversity has value, and value can be measured

We’re re-imagining the future of recruiting, focusing on reducing bias while promoting organizational effectiveness. We achieve a better recruitment process by deploying biological models to help evaluate the value of a candidate within an organization based on skills, values and diversity.


We discuss your DEI goals and help you build your diversity models


Using your model, we survey your company to identify diversity levels.

Post & Assess

Evaluations are be based on skills, values, and how much diversity a candidate brings.


The company’s diversity levels automatically re-balance for the next hire.
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What we offer

Recruitment Solutions

We offer access to a rich recruiting platform which enables you to survey your company for diversity, create job posters, deploy your posters to job sites, manage applicants, and manage interviews. We have built in HR best practices to ensure that bias is minimized in the recruitment process.